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A unique therapeutic method to prevent and control epilepsy


Lepsy includes four devices designed for adjustment to each phase in treatment by providing electric stimuli and vibrations on the nerves that control seizures.


Patients can easily use this technology to cover their therapeutic need day and night.


User's health status diagnosis

Ergonomic comfort

for daily use

Torso gif_2.gif

The sensors in Lepsy Belt monitor heart rate, body temperature and breathing activity; this information facilitates the evaluation of the patient’s condition and illness stage allowing for personalized adjustments in the treatment.  

Using it in combination with another Lepsy device facilitates the constant monitoring of symptoms and response to treatment by transmitting the data via Bluetooth technology.


First Stage of Treatment 


Confort and precision


The technology in Lepsy One transmits low frequency waves to the nervous system helping it recover the brain’s control system.  


Thanks to its modern and ergonomic design, this cap can be used both indoors and outdoors letting you keep control of the illness and protecting the user during the first stage of treatment.  



Exclusive self-inflating system

to prevent lesions 

Lepsy One also incorporates an exclusive self-inflating system with an accelerometer connected to a a CO2 cartridge. This system activated in the event of a fall due to an epileptic seizure, the sensor activates the self-inflating system on the cap surface to protect the user from lesions. 

Lepsy One is ideal for outdoor use providing constant symptom control while prioritizing the safety of the patient.


Second Stage in Treatment


Lepsy Two transmits electric impulses and large irregular vibrations on some nerves with the goal of preventing any action that could impair the transportation of oxygen to the brain.


Its exclusive design facilitates operation and its technology provides an exhaustive monitoring during treatment.

State-of-the-art technology

for more comfort 


For nocturnal use during treatment

Hover the mouse over and discover

Lepsy in 360º

Adjusting lever
The user can adjust the aperture angle to achieve more sleeping comfort. 

Safety at night during treatment

Its ergonomic design lets you sleep in the adequate position while stimulating blood circulation in the patient’s face, jaw, and neck nerves.

Position Alarm
Prevents the user from sleeping in either dorsal or ventral position to avoid epileptic seizures. 
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