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LEPSY against COVID-19

Wins the WIIF
award for invention and innovation 

Lepsy USA was part of the VS Corona inventions competition sponsored by IFIA. This award was

organized to encourage creative minds to innovate in the area COVID-19 transmision prevention.

A total of 202 proposals from 35 countries were accepted for competition. The 19-O₂ mask received the  WIIF prize for invention and innovation to combat COVID-19.

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19-O₂ Mask

A mask to prevent virus contagion

and carbon dioxide ingestion.

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It regulates the breathing

process between nose

and mouth

The mask functions by isolating inhalation and exhalation at the nose and mouth levels, in doing so, it prevents the spreading of infections and helping control other health conditions like halitosis, gum infections, etc.


The 19-O₂ mask isolates the breathing process between nose and mouth. Exhalations carry bacteria, parasites, and germs rejected by the body, some of them return via inhalation to the respiratory system. This repetitive cycle could harm the body and is as dangerous as an airborne virus.

The 19-O₂ mask reestablishes balance helping you healthy breathing while preventing the virus transmission.

Designed for daily usage. You do not need to remove it.



The mask is completely sterilized and could be desterilized with an additional gadget.


Designed to protect you against viruses and strengthen you immunologic system preventing contagions.

A correct breathing technique

Breathing and the immunological system


Isolated chambers for appropriate breathing

The upper chamber allows the nose to breath independently, this process increases the oxygen levels in your blood and elevates the immunological capacity of the body. 

It is isolated from the second chamber giving the user and ideal way to separate nasal from mouth breathing; this separation allows each type of air intake achieve a balance ideal for protection.

These scientific conditions let the body function normally and, in doing so, help you keep a healthy immunological balance protecting you against virus.

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