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Who are we?


LEPSY USA is a company responsible for the creation of the innovative method for prevention and treatment of epilepsy. Our research team has developed the LEPSY system for treatment of epilepsy; it bears patents in several countries and includes four devices using the Shiathou technique.

The company has also produced and published El Milagro a book for patients with epilepsy, it includes information on epilepsy and ways to prevent its seizures.


Lepsy System for prevention and

treatment of epileptic seizures.


It is an exclusive system designed to help in the control of epileptic seizures using four devices Lepsy Belt, Lepsy One, Lepsy Two, and Lepsy Pillow. These devices are designed for different stages in treatment acting on nerves with electric stimuli and vibrations. 


Its functioning is based on the  Shiathou technique, and has been specifically designed to act on the nerves responsible for seizures. It is able to assist the treatment of six different types of epilepsy and other symptoms like vertigo and migraine. 


The system is designed to control the functioning of the nervous system facilitating the flow of blood saturated with oxygen to the brain.

Shiathou Therapy

Manual Therapy for the relief and treatment of pain


Our research team has worked for the last 15 years developing a new manual Shiathou technique which is 100% natural, does not use any products and doesn’t carry any negative effect.

Our technique is also a therapeutic treatment; it facilitates the diagnosis of the illness and the number of sessions needed to treat a patient with epilepsy; it treats a wide array of epileptic seizures. 

Book "El Milagro" 

The secrets to help epileptic patients recover

EL milagro.jpg

The book El milagro includes an innovative plan for the treatment of epilepsy, an illness that affects more than fifty million people around the world. It is the most prevalent neurological ailment in the planet.


The book is divided in four brief parts focusing on patients with epilepsy, vertigo, migraine, and chronic pain respectively; the goal is to eliminate all their symptoms.

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