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Shiathou Therapy

Shiathou philosophy in treatment


Through our research in the field of manual medicine, which has become a part of modern medicine in several hospitals because of the techniques that help in the treatment and relief of many diseases and aches, which allows getting great results.

In this sense, we decided to create a team of researchers who have obtained treatments in manual medicine, which is practiced on the points of the nerves specified on the rest of the body to relieve the pain and treat it, and these points are numerous and different and have important roles in the direct treatment of organs and diseases.

SHIATHOU is a system that helps relieve pain through the technique of pressure on nerve points on the body according to each specific problem undergone by the patient, such as epileptic seizures.


SHIATHOU is an autonomous science, a technique that has nothing to do with touch or energy.

SHIATHOU is a 100% natural new manual 


It acts by a complete treatment, starting to determine the origin of the disease, using a technique called AMINOLOGY, through which we can know the origin of the cause of the problem of epilepsy and the source crises.

For functional analysis of the brain, disturbing signals begin to cause interference in the movement of other upward signals to the brain or in commands sent from the brain to the organs until these signals are disturbed.
As a result, an imbalance occurs throughout the body, and the nervous system generates a siren declaring the state of emergency for the body as a whole.


In order to control the brain, the movement of the whole body, it has only one solution is the release of all the stacked loads in the nerves and brain, in addition to stop the activity of all the members and should not be controlled by the patient in order to reprogram the immune, functional and nervous system.

This repeated method on a developing child produces repeated and strong shocks to him, in order to empty the accumulated loads, resulting in his death and it is difficult for the body to resume the work of the limbs for the inability to withstand such a great reaction. Other people, such as young people, crises control, limit movement and space, and suffer repeated seizures, although they have largely shrunk by using appropriate medications and draining them loads.

By the brain is not possible and their elimination also impossible, which is reflected in the brain and nervous system and load congestion and located in a specific corner of the brain and it is difficult to get rid of, causing an imprint in the brain ... Resulting in a tumor that deprives the affected area of life, which is reflected on the external organs such as the hand, leg, eyes and all about natural movement.

In this case, there is no proper solution than to eradicate the tumor which is dangerous and expensive, and we get disabled who are actually healthy even with all that pain and sadness caused by this disease for the patient and his family.


SHIATHOU helps to

relieve pain through pressure

on nerve points. 

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