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Book “El milagro”

From prison to health's freedom

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With this book, we enter the patient's transition from prison to freedom of health.

Wisdom says, "Every disease has a way, but there are many ways to heal it." Among the new ways are those that exist in this book, which bears the name of the miracle.

The world actually and more than ever, has merged with different cultures and learns from its secrets, and through which has gained several experiences in all fields and very quickly and at the same time it is looking for its shade among those experiences that are at hand. Through our fusion in this knowledge, we discover the miracle book that speaks of direct manual natural medicine, which is an innovative technique and has achieved great results with epilepsy patients and others, It works side by side with the symphony of the body bearing in him the soul, the heart, the spirit and the soul in harmony with nature. If this symphony is lost, the body and its conditions suffer from symphonic rhythmic disorder and it loses the balanced collective work of organs that become sick and unable to harmonize with the universe.


It's the philosophy of life ... It can be complicated but it's the missing truth between understanding the dimension of the disease, the dimension of health and the dimension of treatment ...

Yes, each epileptic patient is restricted and imprisoned, which makes them lose the ability to overcome the internal recession of members. The secret of health, healing, and sickness is reduced to three basic parts of human and nature: balance, extension, and strength; if one of these three is disturbed, he can not be treated or cured. This is a basic rule for every disease and for health in nature.

The book Miracle, includes an innovative and new plan to eliminate epilepsy, which is spreading rapidly among people, and it affects about 50 million people worldwide, making it the most prevalent neurological disease on earth. The book is divided into four parts in a brief and focused way on patients with epilepsy, vertigo, migraine and chronic pain, to eliminate them completely.


Stories that tell the types of epileptic seizures, and each story starts directly with all the epileptic seizures bringing the patient into his disconnection from the world around him and his psychological state is reflected on the dream that he lived with all the crises epileptics in different worlds that he does not remember later. At the same time, these are motivating and encouraging stories for patients with epilepsy that boost their morale, patience and optimism.


The patient is guided by tips and instructions on how to organize the day. This is part of the treatment presented for the first time in each of the patient's daily movements, food and sleep, and all that helps restore balance, which is the main part of the entry into force.


Focuses on direct therapy on external nerve points based on different parts of the body, practiced by the patient's family at home, and in a natural way by pressure on them to help discharge disturbed electrical charges into the nerves and the brain, This is the main part in increasing the flexibility of nerve activity.


It is the motor or athletic therapy of epileptic patients to overcome the constraints of laziness and brain loss the ability to control movement and restore confidence in the movement of the patient, which helps the brain to overcome the constraints of the disease. This is the last and important part of rebalancing.

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