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Mask 19-O₂

A mask that strengthens immunity

  • Is an innovation of LEPSY US INC, designed to strengthen the immune system and protect against the spread of COVID-19.

  • It works by regulating the breathing process between the nose and the mouth to maintain correct breathing and prevent viruses.

  • Obtained "WIIF GRAND PRIX 2020”.

The American company LEPSY US INC specializes in the invention of medical devices for incurable diseases, and this mask is one of the innovations bases of the company in its intensive research for solutions to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This mask design is unique, and it features a new generation of intelligent masks, and that intelligence is based in a different design which works by isolating breath through the nose and breath through the mouth. It has a very important protective dimension for Mask 19-O₂ users.

There is no exchange of breath between the nose and the mouth, which can be a means of infection rather than prevention)

It offers a 70 percent chance for the nose to breathe separately from the mouth, and this allows the respiratory system, especially the lungs, to resist viruses and strengthen the body's immunity that depends on the immunity of the lungs.

The mask works simultaneously by isolating breathing through the mouth, with 70 percent breathing separate from the nose.




The present invention refers to a set of reusable mask and sterilizing machine of such mask, which favors its reuse by disinfecting it without washing.


The importance of proper respiration lies in obtaining sufficient amounts of oxygen necessary for the various parts of the body. In addition, the level of carbon dioxide plays an important role in maintaining the pH required for the body to carry out its activities properly without feeling tired and exhausted. For this reason, correct breathing reduces stress, improves individual functioning and increases the work of the immune system - which is important to protect the body from infections and diseases - and also helps prevent panic attacks and fear, as well as relieve insomnia and depression.

The type of respiration changes with age, due to changes that occur in the respiratory system: the alveoli widen and lose their flexibility, reducing the space necessary for gas exchange; the widening capacity of the chest wall is reduced and the diaphragm and intervertebral muscles are weakened, making the breathing process difficult in the elderly, especially when there is a disease that increases the pressure on the respiratory system.

For this reason, prolonged use of masks in older people can even be harmful, causing headaches and low levels of oxygen in the blood (hypoxia), which could weaken the immune system. This is accentuated the more effective the mask is, since a greater filtering makes it even more difficult for air to pass through it, which can reduce oxygenation of the blood by up to 20%.

Although little is known about how effective the use of masks is in controlling the spread of COVID-19 - no studies have yet been conducted that specifically connect a lower spread of the coronavirus with the use of masks, beyond their use by people. who already suffer from the disease-, its use in public spaces is being imposed by the authorities, and with the above it is necessary to indicate that the continuous use of the mask for more than 3 hours can turn it into a source of infection .

Another cause of incorrect breathing is the inhalation shared by the nose and mouth, or the rebreathing of air expired through the mouth through the nose, and vice versa. In fact, it is preferable to breathe air through the nose, due to the presence of capillaries that help purify the air of dirt and dust. The mucous membrane also acts to warm and moisten the air before it enters the lungs, as well as to remove impurities suspended from sneezing. It is worth noting that breathing through the nose ensures the required balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide within the body and maintains the level of oxygen entering the cells.


The set of reusable mask and sterilization machine of such mask of the invention, is applied to the type of masks that comprise a covering portion of the mouth and nose area, and a means of holding the same mask on the face, and According to the invention, such mask comprises two parts, a upper part that covers the area of ​​the nose and a lower part that covers the area of ​​the mouth; having an interior division that is interposed between both parties, and comprises a machine for sterilizing such mask.

In this way, inhalation and exhalation through the nose and mouth are isolated, allowing to breathe through the nose separately from the mouth (up to 70%), and this gives the respiratory system, especially the lungs, the opportunity to resist the virus and maintain the body's immunity, which depends on the immunity of the lungs and the force of respiration.

It also minimizes the possibility of spreading infections, not only viruses, but others such as halitosis, infection of the gums and stomach, dental caries ...

As each type of respiration (nasal and oral) is a natural biological process in humans that works in isolation and with complex characteristics, any defect that is found over a long period of time is reflected in the respiratory system, and therefore is leads to an imbalance and weakness of the immune system, which makes the body unable to resist coronaviruses and other viruses, because the first and main defense system has been weakened and affected, and this affects the whole body without any causing infection.

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