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Positions prohibited for epileptic

Informing the epileptic patient about prohibited positions during sleep and daily activity is of great importance to speed up treatment and protect the patient from any imbalance that may delay treatment.

The diagnosis of epilepsy begins with movement, physical and sports conditions, and sleep positions. All of these behaviors must be sensitized and cautious and must be clearly understood. Thus, it is necessary to stop a set of movements which could aggravate the disease and which are difficult to control for the patient.

A patient with epilepsy should be aware that all movements and prohibited positions, which are one of the reasons for the worsening of the disease or vice versa, one realizes that the preventive aspect could cure the disease and eliminate all types of epilepsy.

In each type of epileptic seizure, there must be the most important aspect, which is the movement during the onset or exacerbation of the disease ...? Movement disorders begin at an early, middle or late age, depending on the onset of epilepsy.

From the point of view of the disease-oriented movement, a preventive treatment is based in the human body, on the main pillars of the holistic treatment of internal and external organs for its balance, which is reflected positively on balanced health .... .

One of the most important foundations of man is strength, balance and flexibility: these three aspects are the basis of a correct and balanced treatment. Epilepsy at the beginning of its onset may have lost these bases; therefore, the psychological side loses the task of resistance and maintains the balance.

Any unbalanced position in movement, communication and walking impedes the flow of healing energy. This makes the patient unable to adapt to his daily environment.

These prohibited positions, related to movement either in the seated wrong or the incorrect daily movement and which hinder the treatment, especially as the patient does not care significantly or realize that this situation exacerbates the crises.

Returning to the right positions is one of the most important therapeutic techniques for epileptic seizures, then the treatment is built on strong and healthy pillars ....

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