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Birth of SHIAT-HOU

Since the dawn of history, human beings have sought stability on earth. they aspire to unveil the mystery that is surrounding them in all possible ways by exploiting everything they can find for their comfort, future and happiness, in order to protect their health. Thus, they were well aware that if they lacked health, they could not live on this planet happily and comfortably.

Then human beings began to focus on learning and discovering the treatment that suited them and their divine nature and that supported their insight so that they would understand what actually worked for them and what didn't in their lives.

Human beings have learned from everything around them. They decided to be close and coexist with the animals in order to acquire their way of life including fishing, safety and cooperation...Although They are not of their own gender, they have learned from the animal's life style, which gave them a powerful impetus to be independent until they realized that their dwellings on earth were mainly due to their strength and integral health which helped them in fishing and defending themselves and their properties as well as for the protection of the land where they lived.

Humans began to take care of themselves and everything that might have made them stronger and more aware of what was beneficial to them. Therefore, They focused on the understanding and development of their inner energies.

 Thus, Humans have become masters of the planet by having all the skills and experiences that could help them attain what they desired from everywhere without stumbling or giving up, until they realized that health care is associated with the science of eating and drinking as an inseparable science in its essence and these are also part of the necessities that maintain the true equilibrium of health as both are working towards the same goal. All of this is; therefore, connected to life, happiness and success.

Thus, once the treatment is correct and adequate, it is always accompanied by a good health and disease resistance, empowering people to aspire to prosperity and progress.

Houari  Larkoubi

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