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Shiat-Hou takes into account the philosophical and medical sciences, placing them in a therapeutic way. It also takes into consideration what is suits each person, his/her environment and his/her psychological level, because it is dependent on the spiritual dimension, which is indispensable for any therapy to be completed.

The spiritual side is something inevitable in therapy, because the human body is the soul, the body and the mind. In therapy, one must have the knowledge which is the mental aspect of the person who wants to healed. Shiat-Hou's Philosophy strengthens this mental capacity so that everyone is aware of his case, as well as the increase of compassion and love of the sensory side on which both the self and body depend, this is one of the shortcomings of most advanced therapies.

We have to highlight the spiritual side on which the treatment depends and without which the ability to communicate between the three following bases of the human being is lost:

• Body: It is connected to love, compassion and kindness. • Soul: It is linked to spirituality and faith. • Mind: It is related to understanding, science and certainty.

These three platforms represent Shiat-hou's scientific pyramid, and also represent the therapeutic and preventive dimension. if one of these platforms is excluded, the therapist loses the ability to communicate with  the patient's body because he is can't bring these three bases to life internally and becomes unable to capture many things that happen around him while treating and visually diagnosing the patient who provides many clues to help the therapist process and naturally promote the flow of energy through the body but if it were the other way around. The therapist is confronted with a variety of signals that he/she is neither aware of their origin nor how to deal with them.

Therefore, it is a priority to take these three rules into consideration in order to get to know the other (patient) and so that the treatment would be transparent.

It's because the patient normally loses one of these sides, he experiences pain and disorders, which push him to look for a treatment to fill in the missing side, which has been the cause of his illness and turbulence, without knowing what it is and how to rid him/herself from the disease that is either psychic or physical.


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