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ISHIAT-HOU, is a science that is based on philosophical and scientific dimensions and capacities to create and discover the correct, natural, effective and side-effect-free therapy.

It aims at enhancing the effectiveness of the health of body, mind and soul which is reflected in the mental, psychic and sensory side. It also aims to know all these sides mentioned so that the therapist understands who is (his inside) and can discover within himself the therapeutic sense which is based above all on compassion and love resulting in genuine and correct treatment, otherwise, he/she would be a "dead" person despite his/her daily movements and activities. compassion and love are happiness. And it is happiness that makes bitterness sweet.

Furthermore, Shiat-Hou has a dimension that relies on several key points classified as one of the pillars of this therapeutic preventive science. We cannot claim that it is a new or ancient science, but rather, it is Shiat-Hou is a BEING that circulates within every human being and that feeds him/her with unconditional love for all. for all other beings.

It is a science that it is based on the treatment of the body through the body itself using the hands in particular. It is founded on a medical perspective and it approaches the natural prospect. It correlates to any disease, ailment or disorder.

Owing to its philosophical dimension, it aims at highlighting each disorder carefully, treating it with a technique that helps increase the effectiveness of healing in order to re-balance this disorder through different theories for each type of disease. Each disorder has its own diagnosis, determination of its origin and prevention of its spread in the body.

It aims at increasing efficiency and creating a better health framework for all, without the need for a time-consuming and costly treatments.

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